Viaduct Harbour Rentals - Testimonials

Testimonials from our clients - Investors & Tenants


February 2014

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have been a fantastic property manager - and after using three other highly recommended rental management companies. They are a great accounting / managerial plus honest rental agency, who keep me straight on what fix or replacement is needed, without adding the fluff. Plus they do some of the fixit work themselves without charging!!! How good does that get?

They are an on-the-ball, hands on, diligent, businesslike but personable small company, whom I know I can always trust to do a professional job, while keeping me informed.



August 2007

Noted the increase in fees which is accepted and thank you for the very competent way in which you manage our property. 


October 2007

Viaduct Harbour Rentals service is responsive, professional and experienced. They take charge of the complete rental process from advertising vacancies to interviewing tenants to doing the required credit checking, preparing and signing tenancy contracts and, of course, supporting the selected tenant throughout the tenancy. The results for me, as the investor, were monthly rental payments in the bank on time every time, only a two week vacancy in four years and never an issue with  the tenant.


October 2007

Thank you for continuing to find suitable tenants for us at acceptable rent levels and for your ongoing management of our apartment. we also appreciate prompt payment of the rent. 


October 2007

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have handled the management of my rental property for the past two years. As an independent, they are efficient, businesslike, good to work with and get results. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


October 2007

We have an apartment at Latitude 37 in the Viaduct Basin, which has been rented out through the services of Viaduct Harbour Rentals for at least five years. We have had about 95% tenancy occupation in our apartment and I have never had anything to do with the tenants - this is how I choose it to be. 

It has been taken care of by Viaduct Harbour Rentals in a very professional way. Every month there is a statement with the rental income and if necessary an invoice for replacement or repair of anything. All very professional and reliable - my worries have been taken away from me. 

All in all, an investment with no worries at all for us, because of them. I can highly recommend their services to you and I wish them all the best. 



November 2007

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have managed our Latitude 37 apartments for the past several years, providing us with everything we expect. They have attended to the rentals on our behalf and have endeavoured to keep them occupied throughout the year.

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have at all times been pleasant to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who requires a professional management company.



November 2007

I own a two bedroom unit at the Point Apartments, 121 Customs Street West, Auckland. Since July 2006, Viaduct Harbour Rentals have managed our property and continued to do so.

At all times I have found them excellent to deal with, making the whole business of renting the apartment hassle free. Payments have always come in on time and any problems are communicated and dealt with efficiently. Our tenants have been excellent and obviously selected with care.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending this company to any person or organisation involved in the rental market.



March  2002

I would like to thank you personally for the courteous service you have provided to us and our tenants. We have appreciated the hassle free ownership and the accounting of funds to us over the last 3 years, while we have owned the apartments. In closing, thank you for all the work you have done to make a rental property very relaxed and easy to own.


April 2002

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have for the last two years managed our apartment at Latitude 37, located at the Viaduct Basin. They have done so with absolute professionalism and attention to detail, especially in the areas of property surveillance and financial management.  For these reasons we unreservedly recommend them to you, as they will without doubt provide you with excellence in property management.


April 2002

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have proven to be excellent managers. They have looked after our apartment as if it were their own. They arranged for most suitable tenants, administering the tenancy without the slightest hassle to us. The rentals have come through on time, every time and the whole process has been without worry just as we would expect from excellent property managers.


April 2002

We have been using the services of Viaduct Harbour Rentals for the past two years and have no hesitation in recommending them, as they are reliable and professional.


April 2002

Viaduct Harbour Rentals have managed my property at Latitude 37 for three years. During that time I have found them to be very responsive and efficient in terms of both my own and my tenants needs. Their professionalism is in keeping with the exclusive nature of this property and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

On occasions they have assisted in selecting and placing tenants into the property and in this role they have displayed an excellent understanding of the rental market and shown good commercial acumen and judgement.



May 2002

Viaduct Harbour Rentals are well tuned to the market and have achieved maximum rates for us. They have sorted any problems independently with very little need for our involvement and the rent collection is constant and regular. I have no hesitation in recommending them for property management.