Benefits of Partnering with Viaduct Harbour Rentals


Rental Advice & Setting Market Rent Levels 

Advising on current rental income potential for your property type and location, then setting rent levels based on current supply & demand to give you the best return long term, on your investment.

Local & Family Owned

We live & work local. We know the city, the community and the neighbourhood. Therefore when it comes to managing your property, you can trust that Viaduct Harbour Rentals are aware of what is happening when it is happening. Viaduct Harbour Rentals is a family owned and operated business, the principals being actively involved in the management of your asset - your best interests are our best interests.

Tenant Selection

Choosing the right tenant is an occupation with many pitfalls and should not be entirely left to chance. All prospective tenants are background checked thoroughly, then screened for previous rental history and credit worthiness. If they can meet our rigorous criteria, this minimises the chances of problems occurring in the future.

Customer Service

We value our clients and we have a long history of exceptional customer service, on which we are happy to be judged. We also recognise that the tenants we find homes for are the customers of the property owners for whom we work, therefore it is imperative to us that we build solid, long term relationships for all parties - putting people first is the only way.


Regular property inspections are often now required by insurance companies as a condition of cover - Viaduct Harbour Rentals conducts formal inspections between tenancies as a rule, although quarterly inspections are undertaken by request. These are followed by a comprehensive written report on your property, including photos, maintenance requirements and furnishings.

Rent Collection & Arrears Policy

Rents are generally paid by automatic payment into our Rental Trust Account, thus allowing us to monitor cashflows on a daily basis and immediately follow up any late payments. This eliminates the major concern of any property investor - that rental income has been paid on time and is up to date.


The issue of repairs and maintenance and the responsibilities of owner and tenant are clearly defined in the tenancy agreement. Any repairs can be handled by Viaduct Harbour Rentals using qualified independent contractors, at specially negotiated rates. We have in place & adhere to all requirements of the new Health & Safety Reform bill commencing April 2016.


The Viaduct Harbour Rentals website provides a consistent source of quality tenants. We primarily advertise on and make good use of social media platforms directing potential tenants to our current listings. When necessary we also advertise via Trademe Property.

Reporting & Statistics

We utilise a respected and proven software system designed specifically for the Property Management industry - this allows us to accurately record each & every communication with tenant & landlord, up to the day rental arrears, thorough maintenance records and the access to statistics & reports across the entire history of a property registered with Viaduct Harbour Rentals.